2 elderly men, including one who resembles a ginger goblin, AI generated
2 elderly men, including one who resembles a ginger goblin, AI generated

In an article published on Thursday, the UK’s Telegraph newspaper made an embarrassing gaffe when they published an article mocking an elderly gentleman’s walk, which was allegedly “almost like he’s 80” according to an anonymous commentator. In the meantime, the elderly gentlemen whose actions have earned him a place in the news was mostly forgotten.

The article in question focused on President Joe Biden’s slow walk – or ‘shuffling gait’ as the publication described it – completely ignoring the most significant issue at the time: the ongoing criminal trial of former President Donald Trump.

elderly man with a mop of white hair, AI generated

The article “Joe Biden ‘uses team of walkers to hide shuffling gait‘” enthusiastically shares new information about the president’s precautions. To conceal his halting steps when climbing the ladder of Marine One, the 81-year-old man now surrounds himself with a human shield (close aides) every time he is about to do so. This, according to the Telegraph, is supposed to be taken as evidence of a well-oiled, strategic presidential operation to convince the public that his true age is somewhere around 46.

Completely ignoring the significant legal troubles faced by the previous president, including involvement in a conspiracy to bribe a porn actress into silence, a bizarre attempt to overturn the 2020 election, and mishandling classified information, the Telegraph instead posted more than 500 words castigating Biden for the sin of growing old enough to be at risk of spinal arthritis.

Neither the online nor print versions of the article had anything to say about the nationally significant legal proceedings currently unfolding in lower Manhattan, where the U.S. attorney in charge has testified extensively about the ex-president’s role in orchestrating payoffs to keep stories about his multiple extramarital affairs out of the press in the final weeks of the 2016 election.

Political analyst Sara Pernick suggested that the Telegraph’s focus on a few British commentators’ remarks about Joe Biden made her skeptical of the publication. “One-time American President Donald Trump faces a potential prison term, yet the crux of an article I read was a few Brits patting themselves on the back over some hot take about Joe Biden being old and frail,” Pernick said. “This is pathetic.”

Not only did the column fail to mention multiple ongoing investigations targeting the 45th President or revisit disturbing testimonials from the officers who fought during the Capitol insurrection, but it completely overlooked the looming 2024 rematch between Biden and Trump.

At the time of this report, The Telegraph’s dedication to steering clear of news related to Trump’s trials was tentatively confirmed by rumors of a lengthy 3,000-word editorial focusing on a deep journalistic dive to determine whether the presumptive Democratic nominee, Biden, takes Ovaltine or hot cocoa before he retires for the evening.